Ceramic Tableware -All You Need to Know!

Ceramic Tableware -All You Need to Know!

Ceramics have been an integral part of human civilization. The oldest found man-made ceramics articles date back to 24,000 BC – that being said ceramics products count as the ancient and widely accepted industry till today. 

Today, we all use ceramics in our household in the form of home décor, cookware, storage, and for multiple other purposes. Ceramic tableware is equally popular owing to its sheer opulence. Who doesn’t love to have a hot meal on a beautiful plate? Not only does it make the food look appealing but also elevates the beauty of our regular dining table to a fine dining experience. Imagine, having a hot clear soup from a ceramic bowl that is intricately ornamented- your focus will radically shift from the soup to the alluring piece of art on your table. So, are ceramic objects all about style and elegance? The answer is no. Household ceramic materials have numerous advantages making them the best of all the rest available on market. Before that, let’s know about the types of ceramic tableware.

Types of Ceramic Tableware:

Popularly known as crockery or dinnerware, these prominent objects of any kitchen or household are used for setting up dining tables and serving food, and giving you the ultimate haute cuisine experience. The types of tableware vary in different parts of the world based on religion, culture, and food habits. Jasmey Homes gives you all without burning a hole in your pocket. There is four most common and widely used tableware:

Serveware: As the name suggests, serveware is primarily used for serving food. They consist of serving bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, tea and coffee sets, butter dishes, and so on. The beautiful serving spoon, spaghetti server, pie and cake server and many more keep getting added to this list and enhance the beauty of your dining table.

Dinnerware: Dinnerware comprises a dinner plate, appetizer plate, bread and butter plate, rice bowl, and more. They are particularized dinnerware having a distinctive shape, size, and colour. Dinnerware when chosen according to the cuisine served leaves an impressive experience.

Drinkware: Anything that we drink from is termed drinkware. Teapots, tea sets, mugs, glasses, and cups – all come under this category. Just like dinnerware, drinkware is also chosen to keep in mind the occasion and type of beverage.

Silverware: Different varieties of Spoons, knives, forks and falls under silverware. They again come in different shapes and sizes.

Benefits of adapting to ceramic tableware in our regular life:


Porcelain-made ceramic tableware is extremely durable. Prepared at a high temperature varying between 1200°C and 1400°C, the resultant substance becomes non-porous and quite hard. That being said, you will hardly notice a scratch or chip on your tableware. Also, there is a certainty of colour or design not getting faded away with every wash. So, your tableware will be as good as new.

Heat Resistance

Ceramics are poor conductor of heat and this excellent property of it has made their usage more versatile. One need not worry about getting a burn by accidentally touching a hot plate. While the food is still piping hot, the tableware remains safe to touch. They serve as a convenient option to be used in microwaves too. However, few ceramics are not high heat-resistant. So, it is advisable to go for heat-friendly ceramics.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Free from toxic chemicals and vinyl, ceramic tableware serves as an outstanding option and is completely safe for food. Since ceramics are non-porous, they do not absorb chemicals, unlike plastic dinnerware which can make our food unsafe with the free admixture of chemicals. Made from clay, ceramics are environment friendly and don’t pose a threat to nature when they break down into particles. Also, no toxic gas is emitted from them, hence they are completely eco-friendly.


Another utmost beneficial characteristic of ceramic is its non-sticky nature. A simple dishwashing liquid and water clean any ceramic effectively and quickly without leaving any grease or food odor on your tableware. These days, multiple dishwasher-friendly ceramic options are making them a go-to product.

Why Us?

Ceramic has and will be the most preferred tableware option in all ages, societies, and cultures. We at Jasmey Homes, aim to bring the finest yet an affordable and wide range of ceramics tableware to suit your every purpose. Check out our website for more!  

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