Made in India: 3 Major Reasons why Swadeshi (Made in India products) is the right choice!

Made in India: 3 Major Reasons why Swadeshi (Made in India products) is the right choice!

Thinking about abandoning heavily marketed products over Made in India products? Well, you are not the only one! It’s not just because of the seasonal chills that we experience often every year, close to all the national festivals. Consumption of Made in India products by our citizens pushes our economy to benefit the people of the country. Simply to ensure that money spent in India goes to benefit Indian people and companies.




  1. Indian products are better in quality & long lasting: Since for a lot of people Cost is factor that stops them in investing for a higher quality product. However, if people choose quality products, Indian manufacturers will make their way to produce quality goods. Acceptance among our people is the first step till we make a sealable deal in international markets.
  2. Made in India products promotes work of Indian artisans: It’s easier to get attracted to commercials that we watch on TV. But, we must remember that people related to us, related to our mother land are deeply connected with us in terms of understanding what exactly we need, since we have the ground zero connection. This can be a household requirement to any skincare remedy. Consuming products made by our hardworking artisans, farmers, tribals, masons, carpenters promote their work and gives them motivation to work towards making our lives better.
  3. Indian made products cut short delivery time and other hassles: Ordering something from international market might seem like a better choice when you have more inclination towards western markets. However, it takes ample of time to receive any shipment from outside waters, especially products from local brands from any area. And it might not even work well as per the climate, food, and skin types. Sometimes, there is an issue with the support timings, currency conversion rates, and language spoken, too. However, all of this can be cut short if we buy Indian products.


We deeply understand that the world is a global industry and a global market today. Imports often saves us some raw material and it’s okay to understand that everything and everything can be produced in India, all of a sudden.



Since the launch of ‘Make in India’ scheme in 2014, retail sector has a vast robust and necessary revival towards Indian made products. TV commercials have pushed awareness among citizens about importance of using products made by our countrymen. This has led to huge development in the manufacturing infrastructure. Middle class people have inclined more toward homegrown, natural, organic products and supporting businesses that have adopted the same ideologies, even though the cost is a bit higher. After Pandemic, several MNCs are contemplating moving their chains to India, thereby stating the gold opportunities that they have identified in Indian markets. New programs have been designed with innovative expansion techniques to help Indian consumers to analyze & understand the importance of having a conscious mindset.

Brands such as  Biotique, Bio-Ayurveda, Nirvana, , Organic Harvest, Auric are few popular brands that have embraced their products in the way that supports the ethics and culture of ‘Made in India’.



At Jasmey Homes, we are building an e-commerce platform that facilitates a lasting relationship with consumers living in metro cities and have limited access to get home authentic décor items, made truly in spirit of promoting our country’s rich craftmanship. This will eventually benefit country’s organic growth, thereby slowly proceeding towards a healthy economy. We have the best local artisans who put their heart and soul in making traditional home décor natural products made with cotton, jute, ceramic, and immense love.

Our Popular ‘Made in India’ Products to Explore:

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